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What is sexting?

The term sexting denotes electronic sending of messages, pictures and videos with sexual content. Such materials are usually created within the partnership and making such materials gets us into danger they will be published and disseminated without our knowledge through the Internet or mobile phones. There are several kinds of risky behaviour according to the only Czech server sexting.cz dealing exclusively with this issue:

  1. We put sensitive material, which can be misused against us, at potential attacker’s disposal.
  2. These materials may circulate on the Internet for several years or it may be used in several years since its creation.
  3. A victim of sexting may be exposed to so-called harassment and sexual assaults.
  4. A disseminator may commit an offence or crime (dissemination of child pornography, endangering the morals of youth, etc.).

The most dangerous fact is that teenagers and children may also become potential victims of sexting. Taking of intimate and provocative photographs slowly becomes a part of virtual intimacy of the young people. We know real stories when a girl tried to impress a popular boy by sending her flirtatious photographs but the boy did not have any sympathies for her and disseminated her photos to his classmates. It was a typical case of sexting. You can read more about real stories of sexting in the “Stories of victims” part. In addition to seduction, an important role plays also exhibitionism. Why do young people behave in this way?

Most of modern music videos, in which there are teenage idols, are built primarily on attracting attention. And what are the ways of catching somebody’s eyes? It is mostly by provocative displaying of a female body – the more naked, the better. The boundaries are constantly pushed and there is no wonder that Britney Spears and Mandy Moore (they began the era of flirting schoolgirls) have had their music videos shot by a porn director Gregory Dark who has made forty porn movies. Do you ask why? It is simple. A porn director knows exactly how to excite people and what will attract them. A young provocative girl surely is such an attraction. In a documentary movie called “What Girls Want”, a ten years old girl comments on this phenomenon: “The singer tries to express through her music clips that you should be sexy as soon as possible and then you’ll be perfect.”

A considerable time has passed since Britney Spears’ music videos and today videos are more provocative and inventive. No wonder that girls try to use similar methods under such a media massage. Which teenage girl does not have in her profile a photo with a provocative posture or with pursed lips? Being provocative is simply “in” today and we have to admit this.

We do not want moralise but to draw attention to the real situation that is unknown for many parents and therefore they do not have any need to warn their children against this danger. Once sensitive materials are released on the Internet, it is very difficult to remove them.

Stories of Victims

Several real cases of intimate photos and videos abuse prove that sexting is a hot topic in the Czech Republic.

How to resist?

The simplest advice would be complete avoidance of creating any intimate materials that could be exploited. We therefore focus on raising awareness among school children and by training of teachers and parents that should be able to communicate with students about sexting.

If adult people decide to create such materials, partners should agree on their face is not visible. More important, however, is to set rules where photos and videos will be kept. A good place could reduce probability that someone will find and publish the materials. Note also the adequate protection of computer software from hacker attacks.

Intimate materials are frequently abused by the former partner, who could make copies and he/she deleted the materials only in front of the partner.

Cases when someone publishes intimacy are solved according to the nature of them and age of participants. Sex of people over 15 years of age is legal in the Czech Republic, on the other hand, it is prohibited to make photographic and film material of people under 18 years of age. By law, teenagers must not film and photograph themselves until they are 18 years of age! Otherwise, it would be considered child pornography.

The web portal sexting.cz lists seven offences according to which the sexting offender may be prosecuted for:

  • Restriction of personal freedom
  • Sexual abuse
  • Rape
  • Endangering of the morals of youth
  • Production and other use of child pornography
  • Abuse of a child to produce pornography
  • Hazardous pursuit

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