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If you think the Internet is a jungle without any rules then we agree only partially. Published material is subject to the law and the Police of the Czech Republic monitor its compliance. It is certain that there are illegal contents in such a quantity of information and success depends on ability, consistency and ingenuity of police experts. In the text bellow, you can read the precise wording of laws. According to § 217a any seduction for payment in any form is forbidden under penalty of imprisonment up to two years. In the Czech Republic, Jiří Kadrnožka, 28 has been already sentenced according to this Act.

§205 also regulates the form of pornography. Everything is permitted except viewing children, disrespect to the man, violence and sexual intercourse with an animal. Interpretation of this section is, however, tricky. If you want share pictures of your child during the bath or being naked, you should be aware not to get into trouble with law. However absurd fear of law is, regulations are the only possible protection. Let’s get familiar with the full text of Act No. 140/1961 Coll. Criminal Code.

  • § 188a Spreading of addiction
    Whoever brings else to the abuse of addictive substances other than alcohol or supports him in it or whoever initiates or stimulates or disseminates the abuse of such substances, shall be punished with imprisonment up to three years or prohibition, or a fine.
  • § 198 Defamation of nation, ethnic group, race or conviction
    (1) Whoever publicly defames
    a) a nation, its language, an ethnic group or race, or
    b) population of a republic for their political beliefs, religion or because they have no religion will be punished with imprisonment of up to two years.
  • § 198a Incitement to hatred against a group of persons or to restrict their rights and freedoms
    (1) Whoever publicly incites hatred of a nation, ethnic group, race, religion, class or other group of persons or restricts rights and freedoms of their members, shall be punished with imprisonment of up to two years.
  • § 205 Menacing of Morality
    Whoever puts into circulation, disseminates, makes publicly accessible, manufactures, imports, exports or possesses for the purpose pornographic writings, audio or video, images or other menacing morality objects
    a) which shows a child
    b) which shows disrespect and violence to humans or
    c) which shows sexual intercourse with an animal, shall be punished with imprisonment up to one year or a fine or forfeiture of the item.
  • § 217a Seduction to a sexual intercourse
    (1) Whoever offers, promises or provides a person under eighteen years of age for sexual intercourse with him/her, or for sexual self-abuse, indecent exposure or other comparable conduct for other benefit payment, shall be punished with imprisonment of up to two years or a fine.
  • § 260, § 261a of the support and promotion of movements aimed at suppressing human rights and freedoms
    (1) Whoever supports or promotes a movement that clearly directs the suppression of rights and freedoms or preaches ethnic, racial, religious or class hatred or hatred against another group of persons, shall be punished with imprisonment for one year to five years.