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Red Library

The game


Community volunteering against cyber bullying

As part of the "Community volunteering against cyber bullying" project co-financed by the European Union, we welcomed Anna Isabell from Spain and Mateusz from Poland, who during their stay helped prepare materials for youth workshops against cyber bullying and then actively participated in the workshops themselves. They also participated creatively in educational programs for children. Thank you

Senior training

We are glad that thanks to the project Yes We Can! we can train our seniors and help them live a better life

Community volunteering against cyber bullying - news - thanks to the volunteers from ukraine

Thanks to the volunteer program "Community volunteering against cyber bullying" co-financed by the European Union, we were able to welcome, among others, three volunteers from Ukraine during this difficult time. Ibrakhim was a great support to us, especially in administrative and IT activities, helping us from this position with the co-creation of projects against cyberbullying and their presentation during the pandemic at international online meetings. Oksana and Natali enriched us with beautiful ideas for activities with children, with the help of which the basic rules of safe behavior on the Internet could be instilled in them. They also actively participated in many activities with children and helped with their organization. Thank you

Combating cyber bullying through alternative safe space and deleting hate speech

During the month of September we were very pleased to host a group of Youth workers within the Erasmus+ project entitled Combating cyber bullying through alternative safe space and deleting hate speech registered under the number 2019-1-CZ01-KA105-061021.

European Solidarity Corps

We are excited to be a coordinating organisation for the European Solidarity Corps that allows us to host volunteers and become a part of our team. webside European Solidarity Corps

Tools and games against cyberbullying

The project Tools and Games against cyberbullying is based on an international cooperation of involved organizations from different areas of education and their experience with target group of people in danger of cyberbullying. The project aims to create battery educational methods and outputs through international meetings and exchange of knowledge and experience, such as videos, comics, brochures, games, workshops, simulation strategy, posters, etc., that will lead to the prevention of dangerous phenomena internet violence, focusing on cyberbullying. The project will work on innovation and developement of a number of relevant outcomes applicable in every EU country. The dissemination of material will be substantiated by the project webpage, partner network, practical adult education and will offer an option to download all project outputs to everyone interested, as well. The website will be in the languages of all partners, including English. The added value to the project is the connection of organizations working with youth through the actual topic, which despite of its risk is not publicized enough nor sufficiently. The purpose of the project is to share experience in adult education, processes and procedures of all involved organizations, including internationalization of partners. Specific objectives include testing and developing the project outputs, introducing elements into their adult education, including the necessary dissemination. Irrevocably, will dispense an impulz through international mettings to project participants for their work activation, motivation, self-development, to combat burnout and a new working vigor. Since the methods of cyberbullying and risks of the Internet are evolving rapidly, the prevention must be adjusted accordingly. This project responds to the aims of Europe 2020 and Education and training (ET 2020) strategies. The result of the project is the "Tools and games against cyberbullying" methodology, which focuses on the prevention of cyberbullying, but also includes attractive learning methods that attract both adults and teens, such as online courses, interactive workshops, group training with teens, and Come. The methodology is in English only. In case of interest, we will send you the methodology also by post.

Video from Facebook Experiment Ostrava

The Day for Safer Internet organised by Nebuď oběť! association

The occasion of the Day for Safer Internet was held on 8. 2. 2011 in the Dr. Martínka branch of the Library of Ostrava city. Our association in cooperation with the Library organised a mass meeting of young readers and their parents who came to hear the lecture about the Risks of the Internet and Communication Technologies. The lecture dealt with problematic sharing of personal data and the current issue of cyberbullying. Some of the children confessed they had experienced cyberbullying themselves. Thus, we believe that they received instructions on how to behave carefully on the Internet.

We would like to thank the Dr. Martínka branch of the Library of Ostrava city for providing space and time to organise the travelling exhibitions and lectures.

Thanks for the lecture to Nebuď oběť! association:

“Hello, I would like to thank Mgr. Lukáš Látal for the meeting he had in our branch on the occasion of the Day for Safer Internet. The issue of hazards and risks on the Internet has been explained very carefully and the model situation in the video caused the correct response of children. Illustrations (chat, sharing personal data, photos and others, at first innocent, information) completely uncompromisingly but very considerately and gently materialised huge danger that is lurking for children if they do not follow rules for safe usage of the Internet. Meeting was attended approximately by 30 listeners and there were also adults among them. Once again, I would like to thank Mr. Látal for a very interesting lecture and I hope that our cooperation will continue.

Mgr. Pavla Dlouhá, head of the branch of the Library of Ostrava city in Dr. Martínka street

Travelling Exhibition

The travelling exhibition has once again gained attention of students and teachers of the Primary School of J. A. Komenského in Ostrava. In further cooperation, we will organise a lecture on the topic of the Risks of the Internet and Communication Technologies. In January, the exhibition will be moved to the Library of Ostrava city to Dr. Martínka branch in Hrabůvka.

The Lecture

Nebuď oběť! association in cooperation with the Library of Ostrava city organises the lecture on the topic the Risks of the Internet and Communication Technologies. You can come to the Dr. Martínka branch in Hrabůvka (Cutural house K-TRIO). At the same time, you can also visit our exhibition of comics and Internet safety rules.

News in December

A travelling exhibition of Risks of the Internet and Communication Technologies is shifted from Hrabůvka district to Poruba district to the Primary school of J.A. Komenského.

Nebuď oběť! association starts to cooperate with the Library of Ostrava city. We organise an exhibition of comics and Internet safety rules and a lecture for the general public on the topic of the Risks of the Internet and Communication Technologies. The event will take place in January 2011.

Grundtvig WORKSHOP

The Czech Risks of Internet and communication technologies association takes the pleasure in inviting you to the Grundtvig Workshop EDUCATION OF PEOPLE WORKING WITH CHILDREN IN THE FIELD OF MEDIA RISK PREVENTION. The main aim of the workshop is to inform the participants about the problems of safe internet use and the prevention of good practice in risks related to media criminality committed on children. The organiser’s propose is to inform the participants about the main aspects by specialists, who will 10 accomplish lectures, practical training on PC, simulation games and discussion the most important topics. Other aim of the project is to teach the participants how to learn to create and to create working tools for media crime prevention committed on children and juvenile through pictorial material (stickers, comics, brochures, colouring in materials etc.), which point out the media risk.


        As a response to the numerous questions about the training of teachers, we announce to all that we received accreditation for a training programme and certification for teachers of elementary/secondary schools in November 11, 2010. Program Name: RISKS OF THE INTERNET AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES.

        Further information on request: nebudobet@email.cz

A new Nebuď oběť! project

        On November 5, 2010, we submitted a grant application to the City of Ostrava for the year 2011. The aim of the project Nebuď oběť! is to shoot ten short educational film stories in an elementary school in Ostrava. This is a non-violent and entertaining way how to act preventively on children and inform them about risks associated with use of the Internet and modern communication technologies.

        Suggestions for scenes are created in workshops and they are ideas of children themselves.

Implementation of the travelling exposition

        Since September 7, 2010, we have been organising the travelling exhibition of original comic characters at elementary schools in Ostrava.

        The first exhibition was installed at the Kounicova 2 / 1320 Elementary School in Moravian Ostrava, where it remained for three weeks and now it is moved to Nádražní 117 Elementary School. Students may see the exhibition there until October, 19 and then there will be a lecture, discussion and survey on the topic. Other planned school to participate in the presentation of a traveling exhibition is Matiční 5 Elementary School.

Shooting of a short video

        Today, the first demonstration video was shot at the Jugoslávská elementary school in Ostrava. Its main central theme are the dangers of the Internet such as providing personal data, sexting, cyberbullying, but also responsibility of parents for the consequences of unsecured virtual life of their children. We hope you will enjoy the video and that watching it will support our activities. This video also should serve as the basis for a grant application to the city of Ostrava. In the coming months, we plan to organize a school competition about the most original video with the theme of cyberbullying, which will be published on our website, and the result will depend only on your vote!

Accreditation of the training programme for teachers

        Nebuď oběť Association have developed a training programme for further training of teachers and applied for accreditation at the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The program will be offered within the further education to teachers, school counsellors and methodologists of prevention considering socially pathological phenomena.

        Participants of our programme learn more how to do prevent, diagnose and solve threats such as Internet addiction, cyberbullying and giving out personal data, etc.

        Graduates will be also able to include rules for safe Internet use and prevent the risks of communication technologies in teaching of their subjects.

Travelling exposition

        Since September 2010-2011 we have been organising a travelling exhibition of comics in Ostrava primary schools. The exhibition consists of a group of seven free-standing panels that are placed usually in computer classrooms and a teacher may use them as an educational tool. Panels include comics with original characters that explain pupils’ possible mistakes they may do when using the Internet.

        Along with the exhibition, we also offer participating elementary schools a possibility to organise a seminar for older children.

Original Nebuď oběť! brochure

        In cooperation with our external colleagues, we succeeded to print original brochure, which includes not only the interpretation of key terms such as cyberbullying, pharming, phishing, etc., but also original and easy to read comic model with two stories. It also includes a report on the informational seminar on "Safe Internet" that is for everyone who wants to surf the Internet safely.

Start of the web site

        Finally, we managed to start the web site that will be gradually completed and expanded with new articles, discussion and advice. This site is so far concentrated on the basic interpretation of the risks of the Internet and communication technologies; interest is focused mainly on cyberbullying and its prevention.